A Halal investment is by definition the ethical act to put cash into Islamic financial schemes, stocks, properties, or a commercial venture with the aim of achieving a profit in compliance with Islamic Sharia.

A Halal investment consists of investing money by acquiring Islamic assets in order to build wealth and save money and also to obtain a halal additional source of income and gain profit from the investment within Islamic finance principles.

Halal investing is essentially offered by Islamic or equity banks to their Muslim clients in the form of Islamic investment deposits where the depositing client authorizes the bank to invest its money using the Mudaraba deposits technique in halal assets held by the bank in an investment portfolio.

An Islamic investment is an investment that focuses on financial stocks that exclusively follow the principles of Islamic finance and Islamic Sharia and goes from the principle that any investment must be placed in an ethical and moral context not allowing to invest alcohol weapons, gambling, or drugs.

A halal investment contract should be certified trough an Islamic Finance authority to make sure that fundamental principles of Sharia investments are considered:

  • The prohibition of usurious interest (Riba) with the saver behaving like an investor and not a usurer expecting guaranteed interest on an investment.
  • The ban on Gharar (uncertainty) and Maysir (speculation or gambling): speculative investments operations are totally prohibited (haram), and invested money will not contribute to speculative activities, which are the very basis of conventional finance, and which have caused so much damage to the world in recent years.
  • The principle of sharing of profits and losses: a strict and fair compliance with the losses and profits generated by the investment resulting from the savings placed.
  • The backing to a tangible asset as it requires that all financial transactions must be backed by a tangible and real asset.

Is a Bitcoin investment halal ? No, investing in Bitcoin is haram given its speculative nature, the high risks involved, with no tangible assets behind it, zero transparency, and ecologically spoken being a disaster at it needs a huge amount of power to feed the numerous servers worldwide.